We are currently working with remote computer engineering service. We can create a web site exactly for you, starting with simple business card type web sites, ending with web applications. Our team will take care about whole service, not forgetting about the smallest tiny detail in design, text concept and intonation, even translating it into the language you need. It is very important for us to make the result of cooperation convenient, the product or service - fully finished and completed, overtaking the best solution for every client.

That's IT

We are creating, adopting and maintaining IT infrastructures so that they suit your business needs and help your employees to do their job better, not add more complexity and useless stuff. Regular maintenance and almost immediate remote support for unexpected issues. If your business is located in Latvia and you feel like tortured by your computers, drop us an e-mail or visit us at You are the boss, not your IT stuff. is a project, mainly based for Latvia, that allows to create not only visible, but noticeable websites, as well as achieve those goals, that have been set when creating website.


8things is a modern, virtual place, where everything imaginable is listed. One of the main values nowadays is time; 8things is as efortless, as leaving a message on a fridge, or sending an SMS. Let the world know what's on your mind - quickly, easily, compactly. Or just browse around and see what's going on.

CSS3 Share Buttons / Social Icons

Long story short, yet another social icon set, but with lots of customization possibilities, that you can tune, fine tune and tweak as you wish!